International Mobile Roaming (IMR) Service Activation Request

Before you apply for International Mobile Roaming (IMR), please download the IMR Services Advice and ACMA Factsheet from the link below and review it carefully. Once you have reviewed the IMR Services Advice you may complete the online International Mobile Roaming (IMR) Service Activation Request below. Your request will be forwarded automatically to our Customer Care team and they will be in contact with you to advise the outcome of your application for International Mobile Roaming.

Download IMR Services Advice

I request Reward Mobile to activate International Mobile Roaming ("IMR") Services on the Mobile Service Number(s) listed above. I understand that I must have a good credit history with Reward Mobile, and a demonstrated capacity to pay for IMR Services before Reward Mobile will make IMR services available for me to use. I commit to pay Reward Mobile promptly for any IMR Service charges I incur.

I acknowledge that I have downloaded and read the International Mobile Roaming Services Advice document, which includes the ACMA International Mobile Roaming Fact Sheet.

I confirm that I understand that IMR Services are expensive and calls, messaging and data services are all significantly more expensive. I understand that charges may also apply to receive calls and messages whilst outside of Australia. I will disable IMR Data Services on my handset if I do not wish to use expensive IMR Data Services whilst roaming overseas.

I am aware that there may be delays in the provision of call charge records, and I understand how to monitor my unbilled usage and make an estimate of my unbilled IMR Services usage given the delays in the provision of IMR Services call charge records.

To disable IMR Services at any time, I understand that I can contact Reward Mobile during Australian business hours on 1300 305 305 or by calling +61 7 5630 3005 from an overseas destination, or by sending an email to I am aware that it may take up to 24 hours for my request to be actioned.